The 17-year-old Rockowa Noc music festival, which takes place every year in Rzeszów, will be the venue for the «Faine Misto charity festival: Rzeszow, city-savior» on August 26.

Almost since the very beginning of the full-scale war, the Faine Misto festival team has been collecting funds and helping the Defenders of Ukraine at the front.

During four months of cooperation, we purchased and handed over 35 million hryvnias worth of humanitarian aid. However, every day the needs of the Defenders of Ukraine are growing, and the financial income is decreasing.
That is why the organizing committee of the festival decided to hold the Faine Misto charity open air festival, which will help accumulate additional funds to meet the needs of the military, provide financial assistance to the families of the dead, and rehabilitate the prisoners and wounded.

In today’s conditions of martial law, it is impossible to hold the Faine Misto festival on the territory of Ukraine, so we decided that it would be fair if we held our charity event in the city of Rzeszów, Poland.
The city that since the beginning of the war, received the largest number of Ukrainians (as a percentage of the city’s population) who sought refuge from the war. In particular, on May 22, by decree of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, the city of Rzeszów was awarded the title of Savior City, as a sign of gratitude to the city’s residents.

Our charity event is also a thank you to the savior city and a sign of friendship between the Ukrainian and Polish people!